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22nd Jul

Perfect Effort

After 15 years of competitive team sports and the drive to continue to pursue the competitive edge that would not seem to diminish, I decided to choose a hobby that no longer required so many people’s participation to have a

KARM Dragon Boat Festival
26th Jun

KARM Dragon Boat Festival ’14

On Saturday June 21st, 2014, Functional Pathways sponsored a team for the KARM Dragon Boat Race. We had 21 volunteers from surrounding facilities and the corporate office commit to rowing a Dragon Boat 250 meters as fast as they could.

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2nd Jun

Employee Wellness Month Challenge

The Commit2fit Employee Wellness Committee challenges you during the month of June to get creative and incorporate Nutrition and Exercise in your daily lifestyle. Please submit a photo of your family interacting together, while promoting Nutrition and Exercise.  Show us

Meditation - Chakras
22nd May

Listen to Your Body

But what does this really mean? How do we listen? Am I hungry? Or am I just bored? Paying attention to what our body is telling us takes practice and patience. We must understand that it is impossible to eat

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23rd Apr

Spring Fever

After one of the roughest winters the U.S. has seen in a long time, Spring is here! The excitement of warmer weather and pretty flowers blooming can trigger the brain to secrete endorphins, which are chemicals that give you a

Weld Metal Heart On White Background (Idea For Greeting Card)
25th Mar

Heart of Steel

Nolan was born on April 12, 2013, six weeks premature, but after just 3 days in the hospital he was discharged to go home.  Since Nolan was a preemie, he had many bouts of respiratory problems with several stays in

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28th Feb

Nature’s Medicine

Have you ever heard you are what you eat? Well, it’s true! If you consume foods full of the essential nutrients, your body is more efficient, balanced and will keep you at the top of your game.  Whether it’s sports

18th Feb

Effective Communication

The ability to communicate effectively is important in relationships, education and work.  Improving communication skills can improve relationships, and master one of Functional Pathways values. Often we forget that communication is not only spoken words, but written words and nonverbal

3rd Feb

Be More Efficient!

You often hear muscle weighs more than fat.  The reality is, a pound is a pound.  However, the difference is their composition.  Muscle is dense and fat is not, hence occupying less space. Personally, I would rather have an extra

7th Jan

Commitment to New Year Resolutions

Have you broken your New Year’s Resolution yet?  Did you even have one?  I have one, like I do every year.  I say it to myself, and I tend to forget about it as the days go by. Is my