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7th Oct

Mobile Apps for Health and Wellness Management

This list of apps can help you manage a mental health, medical or substance abuse condition from the convenience of your mobile device. Stress management and relaxation Mindfulness Coach: This app will help you practice mindfulness meditation. It was developed for people

Loving the Sunshine
15th Sep

Heart and Soul: Wellness for the Mind and Body

Do you want to maintain wellness to the best of your ability over your lifetime? Then you must consider every aspect of your health—body, mind and spirit—and make choices that increase your chances of wellness. The Body No one gets

11th Sep

How to Help Someone With OCD

by BlueHealth Solutions It’s easy to say that you’re there for a friend through challenges. But how do you help them with a challenge that you don’t understand? Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a much talked about, but often misunderstood

12th Aug

The Health Benefits of Laughter Against Stress

By BlueHealth Solutions It feels good to laugh. So good, in fact, the health benefits of laughter are always being explored. Whether it’s a humorous movie or situation that does it, feeling a certain kind of joy has a noticeable

Tina Blog Pic
6th Jul


Do you have a strong team?  Ever wondered what it takes to build a strong team?  What makes a strong team so great that others wants to be a part?  Here are some tips to help you move in the

HR Blog
7th Apr


As graduation time arrives, many parents may soon be facing a child going off to college, or out on his/her own.  This period of time is often referred to as “Empty Nest Syndrome.” When your children leave your home, you

Lose Weight
19th Mar


How is your New Year’s resolution going? Statistically, around 48% of people make a resolution to lose weight or begin exercising at the beginning of the year, but more than half have broken their resolution by March; most get discouraged

27th Jan

Communication in Relationships

Relationships is January’s value of the month at Functional Pathways and it is a vital part of our lives. A normal day will involve numerous interactions between us, our co-workers, residents, customers, friends, and our loved ones. This interaction takes

A woman is smiling while being at the dentist
30th Dec

Go to Work With Someone Contagious?

Working in the healthcare industry, we are constantly hearing about multiple health issues we can catch from one another and tips to avoid being contagious. However, did you know that everyone has something that is always contagious? WHAT!?! Yes, smiling

Young businessman holding a cardboard with a smiley face on it i
18th Nov

The Importance of Morale

When one loses morale, his or her professional life is negatively impacted. The excitement and zeal we once had for our job just isn’t there any more, rendering our need to stay fresh, null. This diminishes our effectiveness at our

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