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22nd Jul

After 15 years of competitive team sports and the drive to continue to pursue the competitive edge that would not seem to diminish, I decided to choose a hobby that no longer required so many people’s participation to have a game.  Five years ago, I picked up a bowling ball and said “I do not need anyone to do this; all I need is me, a ball, a bowling lane, and ten pins.”  When I started, I never anticipated the sport to become such a huge part of my life.  I bowl in tournaments across the U.S., and in a league a few times a week.  I make it a point to practice, practice, practice, and strive for perfection.

Often when at the bowling league, I hear others finish a game and say, “I did my part, got my average.”  I think to myself, why are they happy with just average?  I want my competitors to bowl well above their average, and I want to beat them at the top of their game.

This has made me question, why is society content?  Why do we not strive to be better?  I believe it is better to stretch and challenge our minds with learning than to become self-satisfied and unproductive.

National surveys show that people now fear dementia more than cancer. Forgetfulness, memory loss, and Alzheimer’s do exist, but there are steps to improve and engage your Intellectual Wellness.

  • Eat more fish and Vitamin B
  • Get the blood flowing; 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise everyday will do the trick
  • Stress Less
  • Challenge yourself everyday
    • Take a different route to work
    • Learn something new daily
    • Read
    • Get more sleep

I received an email from a Clinical Manager that had a very motivating quote from an Ex-Navy SEAL Commander, Mark Divine, which read, “There is no such thing as perfection, only perfect effort.”

I give 100% in most everything I do, and I understand that you have to work hard to achieve your goals, jumping over the many hurdles that want to set you back.  After reading that quote, it dawned on me that I don’t have to be perfect, but I need to strive to give 100% in all I do.

I challenge you to not strive for perfection, but for perfect effort, giving 100% in all you do. I encourage you not to settle.  Grow, learn, achieve, and prosper.  Keep your body in shape and your mind sharp.



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