9th Sep

Deaf Awareness Week and Hearing Loss Prevention

September 19th – 25th is Deaf Awareness Week. Some of you reading this can relate to hearing loss, however, for those of you who cannot, try the following to get a picture of what it is like to struggle with

8th Feb

Be Brave: Don’t Give Up!

As we launch into the month after ambitious new years resolutions have been set, it’s important to look at the facts:   – 39% of individuals in their twenties achieve the resolutions they set. – Only 14% of individuals over the

31st Dec

A Season for Hope

For most of us, the Holiday season spurs our hope and our expectation that “everything will be okay”. It is a time of reflection, preparing for the future year and resolving past mistakes. What a joy it would be for

11th Dec

The Winter Blues and How We Can Help

When was the last time you heard someone say, “I can’t wait until winter gets here!”? Or perhaps the common variation on that: “I can’t wait until it snows!” If hearing those statements makes you feel like the person saying

View from behind of an adult son walking with his senior father
6th Nov


Like each year, time flies by! November is here, with only about 8 weeks left until Christmas, and what do we do until then? Unfortunately, I feel most people forget or often times pass up Thanksgiving without much reflection. Without

Kaleb 1
2nd Oct

Driven by What You Believe, Not by What and How!

Everyone knows what they do and how they do it. But how many people know WHY they do it? I recently read an article from the Harvard Medical School asking the question, “What’s the one prescription that can lower your

5th Jun

All work and no play, makes Johnny a dull boy!

Welcome to June, as we know this marks the 6th month of the year and on the 21st will be the summer solstice marking the first day of summer! Most look forward to this time of the year for there

Blog pic
24th Apr


Some may not realize what the symbol in the title means. Those of you who may have been a part of a fraternity in college, studied Greek or have a strong background in mathematics may recognize this title and symbol

5th Feb

My Commit2fit Journey

As we welcome a new year, I encourage you to slow down, take a step back, and focus on what truly matters. Are you building a legacy? Are you living the way you feel you should? Do you have goals

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