KARM Dragon Boat Festival
26th Jun

On Saturday June 21st, 2014, Functional Pathways sponsored a team for the KARM Dragon Boat Race. We had 21 volunteers from surrounding facilities and the corporate office commit to rowing a Dragon Boat 250 meters as fast as they could. You truly don’t know how long a minute actually is until you are in a Dragon Boat.

KARM (Knoxville Area Rescue Ministries) serves nearly 3,000 meals per day, as well as, emergency and residential shelter for men, women, and families each night. Not only do they provide shelter, they provide support and encouragement to those in need. Established on December 8, 1960, KARM envisioned compelling a ministry that focused on the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of the hurting and homeless who have found themselves lost and forgotten in a busy world.

Raising over $200,000 at this year’s event, 43 teams, and lots of family fun, I would say it was a success!

Functional Pathways’ team “The Elite Fleet” finished our first time at 1:19 which put us in the top better half of all the competition. Patiently waiting for our second heat, a storm blew in, and seconds before putting our feet in the boat the event was canceled. We went from being pumped up and ready to row, to frantically scrambling for safety.

Although the event was short lived, it was a success for a good cause!

Thank you to the participants of The Elite Fleet, you truly live by our values and are ELITE!


-Jill Fiala, Director of Wellness



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