31st Dec

For most of us, the Holiday season spurs our hope and our expectation that “everything will be okay”. It is a time of reflection, preparing for the future year and resolving past mistakes. What a joy it would be for our resident’s, co-workers and families if we could embrace the positive attitude of Hope, every day!

What is Hope, really? It can be defined as a feeling of expectation and confidence in the possibility that what we desire, want and expect will happen! It is envisioning good results, good outcomes for our families, our residents, and ourselves. It is positive anticipation that we can make a difference in the lives of others and be the author of our own destiny. With a spirit of Hope, our teams can build a friendly, caring culture and set a positive professional tone in both the work place and at home! We cannot pretend to do the right thing, we must DO IT.


How do we begin to live our Hope every day and build this attitude into our daily lives, and what are the benefits?

Hope builds:

  • Loyal and trusting relationships
  • Looks for the best in every situation and in every individual life
  • Expects ethical and honest behavior
  • Confidence
  • Personal growth and accountability

Hope results in:

  • Conscientious decision making
  • Higher Quality of services
  • Better Outcomes
  • Going above and beyond
  • Higher morale
  • Pride in a job well done
  • Exceeding expectations

Hope is indeed one of the corner stones of the Holiday season and an attitude of expectation and joy. Let’s all strive to have more hope this season and especially in the year to come!




Happy Holidays!

Cherie Rowell, Corporate Quality Liaison

Functional Pathways

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