Equipment Fair
2nd Mar

Exciting things are happening in the partnership between Functional Pathways and the Jewish Home Family.

The Parkinson’s Disease (PD) Program is expanding by leaps and bounds with therapy focusing on evidenced based treatment interventions and strategies for people living with PD.

We started with an educational seminar that served to define PD to all care providers in the Jewish Home community with a focus on person-centered care approaches. The purpose of the seminar was to build on the basic understanding of Parkinson’s Disease which is a progressive disease of the nervous system marked by tremor, muscular rigidity, and slow, imprecise movement.


Continuing with our partnership, we rolled out a new Tai Chi for Parkinson’s Program to members of the Therapy, Recreation, and Wellness staff. Basic tenets of Tai Chi include active relaxation, strengthening and flexibility, and natural breathing and body awareness. A primary focus is to promote the development of energy control and sense of well-being, while reducing stress and anxiety.

Recently, we held an Adaptive Equipment Fair to showcase how devices can compensate for functional deficits and promote independence for both the person living with PD and their care partners.


Equipment FairDressing Aids

Back in the Therapy Department, Functional Pathways’ therapists are utilizing evidenced based approaches such as LSVT BIG ™ and LOUD™ treatments, Tai Chi, Yoga, and TheraCycle. We are looking forward to having two of our therapists trained in Rock Steady Boxing in the coming months as we continue to serve the needs of the PD community within the Jewish Home community.


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