30th Apr

5 Practical Ways to Improve Interdisciplinary Communication

Are your goals practical and applicable to your patient’s environment? Does the patient demonstrate adequate follow through with the skills learned in therapy? Have goals been modified to meet the changing needs of the patient? These are some of the

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2nd Apr

Occupational Therapy Month: Celebrating 101 Years

During the month of April, Occupational Therapy Month recognizes all the benefits this specialized healthcare provides. This year is all about Empowering Independence. As an occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant, you are part of a vitally important profession that helps

Therapist with patient
26th Feb

What is the Patients Over Paperwork Program?

Several of our clinical teams recently experienced something new…CMS representatives arrived at their facility to assess compliance with a new initiative Patients Over Paperwork. In preparation for this process, review the following information, taken directly from www.cms.gov   What is

24th Jan

Pathways to Fall Prevention

Pathways to Fall Prevention is Functional Pathways’ program that partners with interdisciplinary team members in nursing facilities to provide individualized, person-centered care, and improve fall care processes and outcomes. Many facilities have fall programs in place and while not all

19th Dec

Clinical Approaches for Atypical Parkinsonism

Atypical parkinsonisms are conditions in which an individual experiences some of the signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease (PD) — tremor, slowness, rigidity (stiffness), and/or walking and balance problems — but does not have PD. Atypical parkinsonism can be due

22nd Sep

Low Vision

Low Vision Vision is a complex sense, encompassing the ability to perceive detail (acuity), color and contrast, and to distinguish objects. These capabilities can diminish naturally with age. While most visual changes can be corrected by glasses, medicine or surgery,

4th Sep

How Safe Diets are Part of the Celebration

As the holidays, picnics, family reunions, graduations and weddings occur throughout the year, caregivers need to be given strategies regarding how to marry a safe diet to their loved one’s preferred texture, consistency, adaptive equipment and compensatory strategy needs without

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2nd Mar

Partnering to Combat Parkinson’s Disease

Exciting things are happening in the partnership between Functional Pathways and the Jewish Home Family. The Parkinson’s Disease (PD) Program is expanding by leaps and bounds with therapy focusing on evidenced based treatment interventions and strategies for people living with

5th Dec

Strength Training in the Older Adult

Change is coming and at a fast pace. The demand for better quality care at lower cost requires new thinking. Improved practices in person-centered care is a necessity as we continue to provide the highest quality of care and services

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