4th Dec

We want to thank everyone who participated in our most recent fundraiser “Feed The Pig.” It was a huge success and so much fun to see all of those creative submissions. We intend to make this a yearly event, so start thinking now of an outfit change for your piggy!  The $50 gift card for the most creative pig went to Tri County with their “Pig Up Line,” mobile piggy.  Too cute for words guys!  Our winner for the most funds raised was CCC Bedford County with a whopping total of $360 raised!  That pig ate well! They will be receiving a $250 Walmart gift card. We are very proud of you!  We would also like to recognize the top 10 fundraising facilities:

1.CCC Bedford County
2.West Hills
4.Jefferson Manor
5.Beverly Park

Regardless of the amount your facility fed to the pig, we are incredibly grateful and appreciative for your participation.  We can’t stress enough how important these fundraisers are to keep our cause alive and well. Thank you!

April Williams

Credentialing Specialist-HR


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