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1st Dec

Last month, I wrote about the need to follow up on your facility tours. I need to back up a bit and discuss with you the need to have a well-planned tour to follow up on.

If you have a great facility tour already in place, this blog is not for you. Here is the question I though, how do you know? Have you seen a tour take place and paid attention to the message that is delivered? If the answer is no, then I suggest you have your tour guides take you on a tour as if you were a prospective client.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Do all of the employees know what is expected of them when they see a tour taking place? Don’t assume that they do.
  • Do employees engage the guests who are on tour?
  • Do they let them know what they do there and that they will provide great care for their loved one?
  • Do the prospective clients see a place with happy employees that interact in a positive manner with each other?
  • Do they see employees interacting with the residents in a positive and caring manner?
  • Do you tour guides the prospects what information they specifically want to know about?

I have listed six things to consider, but that barely scratches the surface. Don’t underestimate the power of a great tour. If you are able to provide a great tour, then the follow up will be so much better.

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