22nd Nov

Functional Pathways partners with our clients to provide elite care to residents, utilizing our expertise to do the following:

  • Provide clinical excellence to the partnership
  • Identify and treat the clinical needs of all residents
  • Use a proven process to monitor at risk residents
  • Consult with nursing
  • Ensure adequate training occurs during transition to nursing care

Residents in long term care facilities have the right to achieve and maintain their highest functional level. As rehabilitation experts, it is our responsibility to be advocates for our patients. While we recognize that not all residents will completely restore function, it is our responsibility to identify each resident’s skills, needs and opportunities. We need to design and implement care plans to maximize the resident’s strengths and abilities while preventing decline.


Advocacy Care Models 

Restorative Model

  • High potential for learning
  • Optimizes function through dynamic, aggressive treatment
  • Interdisciplinary approach
  • Few environmental modification needed
  • Least restrictive discharge environment
  • Patient/family/caregiver education priority
  • Usually our short stay (less than 100 day admission)



Compensatory Model

  • Resident will always require cuing or assistance
  • Identify compensatory techniques and adaptive equipment which will work best for the resident
  • Provides training in these techniques to allow resident to perform functional tasks
  • Family/caregiver education is priority
  • Includes restorative nursing or functional maintenance programs for successful carryover
  • Include activities
  • Can be both short and long stay residents




  • Residents have decreased learning potential
  • Identifies strategies to prevent further deformity or dysfunction
  • Focus on environmental adaptation and caregiver education
  • Implement plans for long term care and support
  • Caregiver education to increase safety, quality of life and decrease burden of care
  • Critical to have nursing and therapy collaboration
  • Usually these will be our long stay residents
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