14th Nov

If your organization is interested in having engaged employees, there are several actions that you can take to help you along that path. One of the most important actions is to bring the right people on board.

In the healthcare business, at one point or another sometimes a staffing crunch can occur, where you really need someone there to do a job — and sometimes it’s hard not to fill the open position with the first available applicant. We’ve all seen this occur in every sector of the healthcare business. Ensuring that you “stack the deck” in your favor means taking specific actions and asking specific questions. It’s imperative that your employees feel like a team, particularly in the patient care environment.

Prior to interviewing your candidates, it’s key to know your organization’s values. Look for candidates that exhibit those same values in their personal lives. If employees have the same values in both professional and personal aspects, there is a better chance of finding someone who will be engaged in your organization. Think about the kind of questions that you might ask during an interview that could help guide your decision. For example, if one of the organization’s values is Self-Improvement, ask the candidate when was the last self-improvement related article that they read. Ask them if they implemented anything new based on that article. You’ll need to weight if the self-improvement is related to clinical, business, or personal and how that impacts your decisions.

Finding engaged employees should be part of a business plan. The interview process is just one strategy in finding the right fit for your organization. Remember, one thing you can always count on in the healthcare environment is change. Many people get energized by change while others become paralyzed. If you are trying to create an environment that is committed to hiring employees who are more likely to become engaged in your organization, it is best to ferret out those differences on the front end.

Engaged employees give their best back to the organization because they share values. It’s a win win situation!

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