A woman is smiling while being at the dentist
30th Dec

Working in the healthcare industry, we are constantly hearing about multiple health issues we can catch from one another and tips to avoid being contagious. However, did you know that everyone has something that is always contagious? WHAT!?! Yes, smiling is always contagious as everyone has the ability to infect someone with happiness simply by smiling. When you smile, it causes others to smile which allows you to actively pass along a great feeling with your actions and in-turn draws people towards you as you present an appearance of happiness.

Smiling has been proven to be one of the easiest and cheapest methods of enhancing one’s quality of life as it has the ability to transform your mood. For example, studies have shown that when you feel stressed at work, home, or just in general, you can trick your body into reversing sad or depressed feelings simply by smiling. When you smile, you portray an appearance of not being stressed as your body releases endorphins that work to lower your blood pressure and boost your immune system making your feel excellent as the pressure melts away.

I think it is awesome how such a little act can transform several lives for the better all at once. So go ahead, infect everyone around you today with a smile! 


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