Restorative Nursing programs are vital to long term care. These traditional nursing home programs, if not well managed and organized may leave long term care residents with an overall poorer quality of life lower and declines in function that impact

Functional Maintenance Programs

Functional maintenance Programs (FMP’s) are clinical programs that can be designed to augment or maintain a residents functional status and wellbeing.  It includes therapy services that seek to prevent disease, promote health, and prolong and enhance quality of life or

Cardiac Recovery

Currently, more than two million Americans have heart failure and about 700 thousand new cases are diagnosed each year. The five year survival rate is approximately 50%, but varies depending on the cause of heart failure and the ability of

“Pathways to Wellness” – A Way of Life

How do we best serve our patient’s in long term care when it comes to “wellness”? And, just what does “wellness” mean? From the view of a therapist it may mean walking better, dressing and grooming independently, following appropriate nutritional

Fall Prevention and Safety

Falls in the long term care setting account for nearly 25% of hospitalizations of the elderly and 40% of all nursing home admissions. Declining strength, cognition, balance and poor safety awareness related disease processes can negatively impact a resident’s ability

Preventing Re-Hospitalization

Is your patient ready to go home? Comprehensive discharge planning has become a key component of care planning in long term care settings as increased scrutiny and pending financial sanctions loom for both hospital and nursing home health care providers.

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