3rd Apr

As April comes and goes, you will see many changes starting to take place, as flowers bloom and trees begin to blossom with the sun shining more, and days getting longer. The world of spring awaits with longer, brighter days to get outside and go fishing, take a walk, or enjoy a peaceful day sitting on an outdoor bench. Spring reminds us of new growth and a better outlook for tomorrow.

But still, there are challenges we can’t see. Take a moment to consider the thoughts and feelings inside your head that no one else can see. Everyone, everyday, faces challenges that others do not see. These could be financial challenges, relationship issues, friends or family passing away,┬áhealth issues, and other unexpected life events that cause us feelings of sadness or confusion. And, while getting outside for fresh air and sun when whether permits is a good way to relieve some of those feelings, there is one additional tip I would like to discuss with you.


The Power of Saying Hello

It might sound silly, but saying hello–connecting with another person–can absolutely reduce stress and depression. You don’t have to say hello to everyone you see; you can choose to connect with someone you feel comfortable with. It can lead to deep conversations, small talk, or end at hello and a smile–whatever you feel comfortable with is perfectly okay. No matter what, though, connecting with another person can help you feel less alone and draw you out of the world we sometimes get stuck in, in our own heads.┬áSometimes, connecting with someone in conversation, you might learn you aren’t alone in what you are going through, or even be able to offer a few helpful words to someone else about their own struggles.

This spring, as you watch the flowers around you grow, I challenge you to try growing your relationships, too!

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