10th Jan

Happy New Year!

In 2017 there is much to come, such as the presidential inauguration, a historical solar eclipse, and the usual trendy fitness goals that strike each year around this time. At the beginning of every January, everyone is looking forward to a new year, new resolutions, new goals and the opportunity to start fresh! With these new opportunities there are hundreds of ideas and trends to send you on to a good start, regardless of your age.

However, I chose to take a different and more effective approach, that not only has worked for me but for many other people, aiding us in successfully attaining our goals. And the strategy is this: Reflection first.

Why Reflection is Key to Success

Reflection is something we almost always forget about. Everyone is always looking for that instant feeling of gratification towards the things they are reaching out for. With weight loss, we want to see it after the first workout. With pain, we want to see it go away after the first attempt of doing therapy. We want to feeling energized after the first healthy meal we have had in years. Because of these expectations, we fail every single time! These expectations can also dampen your social and mental health.

Reflection, on the other hand, can provide opportunity for success. Just take a moment to reflect on the things you may have gained or lost over the past year. We are all living in this world experiencing different hardships and good fortunes. My grandfather who was an engineer and a farmer once told me “it’s the tough times in life that make you appreciate the good times in life!” Building the roadways in the United States was not an easy job, but now we enjoy traveling on paved roads versus uneven dirt roads.

When you apply the principle of reflection and try to put things into perspective in everything you do, you will see real results. You will still have mental, social, and physical struggles–but you will also start to feel like these struggles are not the reason to quit, but rather the reason to keep going. Because when you overcome struggles, you often end up feeling better about yourself and the world around you, as your struggles may take you to new places and allow you to forge new friends and help someone else in their own struggles along the way. You may come out stronger than you have ever felt.

It saddens me to see those who quit due to loss or obstacles, because I feel you have come this far for a reason! We all have something to accomplish. So instead of creating new resolutions, remember to reflect first and pick up where you left off. It’s easier, and more rewarding, than starting over.

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