Elderly Woman In Wheelchair
2nd Mar

My blogs are always about how to better market your community in order to build your census. While that will continue to be my subject matter, today, I would like to stray off course. This will be more of a reminder to the caregivers of the world, about how important you are and how what you do truly matters.

My Mother died Wednesday, February 18th, 2015, in her 94th year. She was relatively healthy most of her life until the very end. As so often is the story, she fell three times in the last month; the last fall resulted in four pelvic fractures and a broken sacrum. The downward spiral began and the course never altered. It happened so fast. She had a good life and is in a better place now.

All of the information above is just background because the main point I want to make is that as a caregiver, never under estimate your importance to a person in their last days and to those that love them. What you do and the way you continue to go about it is incredible. I do not honestly know how you do it, but thank you.

I realize it is your job, but in order to do it so well and so often, it has to be more than just a job. Watching the Nurses at the assisted living and the nurses and doctors at the hospital, I was reminded just how much capacity the human spirit has to love.

To me, it is not important where you work, AL, SNF, orĀ  hospital. If you are caring for the elderly population, you are to be commended. If you ever question your importance in the world, do not! Please do not forget how important your work is. One more thing, you should be incredibly proud of your work!!

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