29th Jan

Looking back on 2014, we have seen the Cookie Jar Fund grow tremendously!  We couldn’t be more thankful and proud of all of our employees who contribute, as well as the outside contributors.  Looking back, we had some amazing events that really set the bar for 2015.  Our annual Summer Picnic, the silent auction held at our annual Symposium, as well as the one no one can forget, Feed the Pig, were all wonderfully successful!  The participation was heartwarming and inspiring.  We are proud to be able to announce that we have been able to assist over 100 families to date!!  Take a moment to let that impact sink in.  As we push into 2015, we are excited to bring more exciting fundraisers your way, so look out for our upcoming events.  We will be announcing official rules for our Easter Basket Online Auction very soon! Thank you for your support of the CJF.

We also want to let everyone know about a situation that came about recently, and bring attention to the amazing outpouring of support during a very difficult time. Jason Hale has been a Regional Manager and employee with FP for many years.  Recently, his wife, Angie, was involved in a horrendous car accident which resulted in many serious injuries.  Her road to recovery is going to be long and difficult.  The Cookie Jar Fund announced they would match any donations that were received for the Hale family, and the response overwhelming!   Thank you for embracing our mission in supporting Jason and Angie.

April Williams

Credentialing Specialist-HR


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