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22nd Dec

Did you ever stop to wonder why you chose the field you are in? Whether it is Occupational, Physical, or Speech Therapy, most of us chose our professions because we wanted to help others live better lives. I have found that most therapists are kind, giving, and loving people! As I have made my rounds this past year visiting our Functional Pathways’ facilities in the capacity of “Quality Liaison,” I consistently find that our teams do their best to bring happiness and joy to the residents they come into contact with, treat, and mentor to improve the quality of their lives! It has been a blessing for me to witness the overall selflessness of our FP therapy teams and I find it encouraging having personal validation that Functional Pathways truly is comprised of “Elite” therapists!

Happy, Happy Holidays to all of you who give so much every day!!

Cherie Rowell

Quality Liaison


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