3rd Sep

People are always looking for ways to get the biggest bang for their buck. Communities are always looking for a low cost means to market their services. If I told you there was such an animal, you would be interested, right?  There is and it is called Wellness. If done correctly, Wellness will fill many needs.

If you have Independent and ALF residents on your campus, it is a wonderful way to keep them active and healthy, while doing so right where they live. It is also a great opportunity with senior adults who do not live on your campus, but may in the near future, to get to know your campus, get comfortable with the surroundings and developing a relationship with you. You are providing something positive for them before they need you, all the while building goodwill.

Let’s first look at the fact that you are offering something good for the area in which you live. You are filling the many needs that seniors have. The six dimensions of Wellness address the physical, vocational, intellectual, social, spiritual and emotional aspects of one’s life. You can choose to offer all dimensions or just one.

Now, let’s consider the marketing side of wellness. Primary care, Orthopedic and Rheumatology physicians are three specialties which you may choose to market to. These doctors know the benefits of exercise for patients, and are looking for ways to make that available to them. You would also have the opportunity to let those physicians know of all the other services that your community provides.

Senior organizations such as the Arthritis Foundation and the Office of Aging, in your area, are constantly providing information to seniors about locally provided services. Churches also have large senior membership that could potentially provide participants. All of these organizations have large numbers of seniors, but you have to get out and make them aware of what you have.

You may be thinking to yourself that this is going to cost you a bundle but the truth is, it does not. We are talking for the most part about a deconditioned population of folks. You don’t have to purchase treadmills, bicycles and stair climbers to have a program. Folding chairs and light resistance bands are enough to get you started.

I strongly encourage you to consider adding Wellness to what you offer. I believe you will find it a great way to put your best foot forward to large group of potential residents and referral sources.

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