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4th Aug

The winner of June’s Living the Value blog contest is Selena Callaghan, SLP, at Christian Care Center of Springfield. Her passion towards her patients and profession is incredible. Selena had a patient that was losing weight because she was leaving a lot of food on her tray. Selena also noticed this patient had low vision so she spent many hours outside of work developing a light board from scratch. She built a box about the size of a wheelchair tray.  She put 5 light bulbs in the box and put a clear top on it.  Selena then put the resident’s plate on the clear tray. This greatly improved her patient’s intake because it was so much easier to see what was left on the tray. The patient wasn’t losing weight because she didn’t want to eat, she simply couldn’t see what was left! Selena went on to identify the same issue with several other patients in the facility which has helped them complete their meals with minimum prompting. This of course improved their overall nutrition and helped solve any weight loss issues.   When her RM, Kathryn Wyatt, discovered her passionate and innovative solution, she promptly nominated her for our highest customer service award, the Golden Watermelon. Congratulations, Selena. We are all very proud of you. Hopefully your story inspires others to passionately look “outside the box” for innovative treatment solutions!!!

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