28th Apr

May is Better Hearing & Speech Month


Our Occupational Therapy teams were so creative during the month of April in stepping up to our CJF Cookbook Challenge! Speech Month is just around the corner, and as such, we are issuing a challenge to all of our SLPs for the month of May! “Identify the Signs” is a current initiative by ASHA to identify the early signs of Speech and Hearing disorders. Knowing the warning signs of these disorders, can lead to early treatment resulting in faster recoveries and shortened treatment times.


We are challenging our SLPs to educate facilities and family members on the early signs of communication disorders in creative ways. This can be achieved by hanging colorful flyers & posters, decorating the therapy door, making bulletin boards, hosting in-services, distributing fact sheets, open houses….etc. Please take photos of your “Identify the Signs” activities and send those to us by May 28 to compete for a $150 WalMart gift card! Submit all photos to: [email protected]


To learn more about the “Identify the Signs” campaign, visit:

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