Walking In The Park
24th Jan

Patient Safety: Always in the Forefront

Post Acute Care is obliged to deliver care that provides better outcomes, in a shorter period of time, all the while ensuring that patient safety is in the forefront. We are responsible for increasing efficiencies without sacrificing safety. There are

care taking
19th Dec

Looking at Care from Both Sides

It’s hard to truly appreciate how busy a care provider is during each shift without looking at their entire day. Take just five minutes. Sit and watch someone who is juggling between patients, collecting insurance information, verifying patient ID, or

14th Nov

How to Approach Employee Engagement

If your organization is interested in having engaged employees, there are several actions that you can take to help you along that path. One of the most important actions is to bring the right people on board. In the healthcare

9th Oct

6 Steps to Minimizing Workplace Violence

Statistics show that stress increases in late Fall through the first part of the New Year. For whatever reason, workplace violence also increases, particularly in healthcare settings. It is becoming more and more common to hear of violent actions performed

9th Jun

The Sink or Swim Healthcare Environment

There isn’t a more dangerous phrase in healthcare than “but that’s the way I’ve always done it!”  There is nothing that hurts my ears more than hearing this phrase. As I’ve said before, in healthcare, the one thing you can

16th May

Building on the Foundation of Patient Safety

Patient Safety is the foundation upon which Quality Healthcare is built. Virtually every healthcare setting is working toward the shared goal of providing safer care for patients. This includes not only within the walls of each institution but across the

20th Apr

How to Get the Most out of Standardized Tests

The Purpose of Standardized Tests Professionals use standardized tests to accurately and objectively measure baseline status and facilitate individualized clinically appropriate therapeutic interventions. Along with supporting baselines findings they also serve to demonstrate progress throughout the treatment episode and upon

Heart in hands on light background
11th Nov

Emerging New Specialists

I’ve always heard that the one thing you can count on in healthcare is Change. I’ve come to believe that there couldn’t be a truer statement made. I am just getting back from the annual NASL meeting and I learned