20th Apr

The Purpose of Standardized Tests

Professionals use standardized tests to accurately and objectively measure baseline status and facilitate individualized clinically appropriate therapeutic interventions. Along with supporting baselines findings they also serve to demonstrate progress throughout the treatment episode and upon discharge from services. CMS instructs clinicians to assess “objective, measurable gains” and advocates using standardized scales and assessment tools, emphasizing the importance of objective data to support skilled interventions.


How to Get the Most out of Standardized Tests

To start, select the tool that best fits the intervention and intended outcomes based on medical history, diagnosis, deficits, and abilities presented during interview of observation.

When the test is cost effective, portable, and easy to perform the clinician is apt to utilize the assessment tool more often. Prior to administering any test the clinical must become familiar with the testing procedure. For the results to be valid and reliable the instructions/guidelines must be followed as directed. Allow sufficient time for the participant to process instructions and perform the task.

To elicit the best participation, it is important to build positive rapport and encouragement.

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