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2nd Nov

RightTrack™ is Functional Pathways’ innovative software developed to provide timely updates on clinical measures for our short-term therapy patients. Online access to RightTrack™ can be provided to the patient, family members at the time of admission.  Registered users receive real-time clinical updates via email regarding the patient’s progress, challenges, and success during the rehabilitation stay.


How RightTrack™ Works to Improve Therapy

Upon admission, each discipline selects the functional areas of focus on the individual’s therapy plan of care. Occupational therapy evaluates feeding, grooming, dressing, bathing, toileting, pain, balance, and upper extremity strength/coordination. Physical therapy assesses bed mobility, transfers, ambulating, balance, lower extremity strength/coordination, and pain.  Speech therapy evaluates verbal expression, auditory comprehension, memory, problem solving, cognition, reading comprehension, and swallowing.  The initial scores for each functional area are entered into RightTrack™ and updates are completed on a weekly basis until discharge.


The data obtained from RightTrack™ can be shared with physicians and facility staff members as an efficient and effective way to reflect the clinical excellence of our programs. This program allows for statistical analysis of our programs including referral sources, physicians, goals, outcomes, and discharge destination.


The system’s reports are an efficient and effective way to communicate the following:

  • Patient’s progress on follow-up appointments with physicians
  • Individualized plan of care with the patient, family, and facility staff during Care Plan meetings
  • Key metrics for discharge readiness during rehab meetings
  • Referral sources including local hospitals, rehab facilities, and community based providers for marketing purposes at the facility
  • Statistical analysis for our quarterly client strategic operational review


As we continue to walk through healthcare reform, we will be expected to use evidenced based practice to drive strong clinical outcomes.  With the rapid transition to bundled payment and ACO payment methodology, each facility will be analyzed for length of stay, diagnostic categories, and clinical outcomes.  Functional Pathways’ RightTrack™ software provides an unique value add to our clients and positions them as the provider of choice to handle these transitions.

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