Red Grapes And Green Grapes
5th Aug

Growing up on a farm, I was blessed to have access to a variety of food sources that were naturally grown. Such options included fresh vegetables from the garden along with hand-picked apples, pears, grapes, strawberries and corn. Also, my grandfather raised livestock that was free to roam in open fields. I raised chickens, which also roamed freely; personally I thought happy chickens laid more eggs!

I also had access to my grandmother’s bakery. All of her baked goods were homemade. Pies, dumplings, cider and gobs were many of the things my grandmother made. Between the ages 8 – 12, I become overweight. Though I was warned not to eat too much of the homemade goodies and other snacks that children fall victim to, I still chose the less nutritious food items among the many healthy items I had access to.

Later on I learned life is about balance. Sure it is okay to have a tasty treat once in a while, but to make it a staple of every meal or each time you sit down to watch TV is not a good choice. Tasty food, especially sugary food items are very difficult to refrain from, for it provides a sense of comfort. We need to recognize that better food choices help benefit us more than just our physical well-being. Eating healthy can help provide a better wellbeing in all dimensions of our life.

So what can we do? First check with your doctor, as some foods may work against your medication. When tending noon meals, choose food options that provide salad, vegetables, chicken and fish. Diabetic meal options here are The Williamsport Home are always a good choice. To continue to get variety in your diet throughout the day; go to a farmer’s market, buy fresh food! Eat fresh fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears, greens, asparagus, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, peppers etc.! Buying items in season also makes food more affordable. Organic may cost more, but pays big dividends because organic food items are not exposed to chemicals. Local grocery stores have a wide selection of produce to choose from also.

Eating better quality of food is not always more expensive than processed food. Like many things in life, you pay for what you get. This will reduce the risk of incurred medical cost; time lost from leisure activities, decrease inflammation, and reduce risk of diabetes and heart disease! Value yourself by eating better quality of food from this summer’s harvest!

Remember, regardless of your age, you’re still in charge! You can take back your health and make the most of your life no matter where you stand! You just have to be the pilot, spread your wings and fly!

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