7th Aug

As of today, August 7, 2015 there are 54 days until ICD-10 is mandatory.  Did you train your staff?  If not, please don’t wait any longer!  The time is NOW!!

ICD-10 is not an easy transition for health care providers, coders, MDS Coordinators, and Business Office Managers.  ICD-10 is not only for therapists, it’s for everyone!  Therapy involvement is just a very small piece of the puzzle.  The transition is a team approach and should begin approximately two weeks prior to the mandated October 1st implementation date.

Two weeks prior to October 1st, the SNF will need to:

1.       Identify residents who will be receiving therapy on or after October 1st

2.       Collaboration is imperative  between MDS, Therapy, Medical Records Specialist, and Business Office to select the most descriptive ICD-10 code for those residents who will be skilled on or after October 1st

3.       Ensure both ICD-9 codes are on the claim for September services and ICD-10 codes are on the claim for October services for those residents who will be receiving services spanning from September into October

4.       Develop a facility plan for communicating the ICD-10 codes to therapists for evening/weekend admissions therapy evaluations

5.       Ensure your triple check process is effective and consistently being completed

Haven’t trained your staff yet?  Don’t know where to start?  There are numerous resources available on the web.  Some links are provided here for your reference. Provider ICD10 Resources; AHIMA Planning and Preparation Checklist; Vendor Checklist

We will survive ICD-10 but it may be a bumpy road if the SNF key players are not prepared.  Send your MDS Coordinator, Medical Records Specialist, Business Office Manager to a formalized training as soon as possible—time is running out!  A formalized training is essential to a successful transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10.  After all, our claims depend on it!

Gina Tomcsik

Director of Compliance


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