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3rd Oct

Marcus Blog 2Living the Values:

Congratulations to our team at the Nevada Veteran’s Home! They are the proud winner of August’s Living the Values contest. I am currently reviewing the innovation submissions for September’s winner. Good luck!!

The Rehab Team at the Nevada Veteran’s Home has lived our value of responsibility by taking responsibility for reducing patient falls by teaming up with Nursing and IDT to provide the appropriate screening and intervention processes. The Veteran’s Home has made this program into a friendly competition by assigning football colors and teams to each hall and having a monthly reward for the team with the lowest number of falls. It’s a great example of our team taking responsibility.  If you are interested in the process please keep reading.  You may decide to take responsibility for reducing falls in your facility by pitching it to your leadership team. 

Fall numbers are tracked on a weekly basis and the staff wears their team colors in participation. Each staff member has knowledge of their hall and the number of falls on a daily basis. A running score is kept on the screen savers of our computers and in the break rooms. Each hall has rallied together in attempts to reduce the number of falls and increase the safety awareness of their residents.

We have developed a fall reduction team that meets on a weekly basis to track trends of falls and how they occur. After each weekly meeting, the Director of Nursing and Clinical Manager make rounds and interact with each individual that fell in the past week.  They review the incident report and inspect that the interventions are in place and working and decide if further interventions are required.

All team members have taken responsibility of improving the resident’s safety and reducing the risk of falls within our home.

Marcus Miller

VP of Operations



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