4th Mar

The latest and greatest from the world of technology is that you have to have a slam bang website, and you must be engaged in social media in order to market yourself properly. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging, all have to be a part of your social media arsenal if you are going to keep up in this day and time. I would like to offer a different social media angle to consider. I go into a good number of skilled nursing, assisted living, independent living facilities and CCRC’S around the country. It has become increasingly clear to me that if you would like to differentiate yourself from your competition, provide electronic technology that your residents can use for themselves. Simply having Wi-Fi throughout the facility isn’t enough. I am proposing the installation of wireless devices that the community provides. Devices such as Apple iPads, the Amazon Kindle or even smart phones like the Apple iPhone, the Blackberry and Android that the residents can communicate with family members and friends. They can order their meals. They can even begin a video-biography of their life that can be seen by their grandchildren. You may be thinking that residents of this generation don’t use technology. If you do, then you will be surprised to learn that 53% of adults 65 and older use the internet for information and email as a means of communication. Up and coming as well, are the soon-to-be seniors who have been using technology for a long time. You may also want to consider involving your residents and their family members on Resident Technology Committees. Use the residents who are particularly skillful in the use of technology to train other residents. You could also incorporate your local high school students as volunteers to educate your residents on the ins and outs of technology. Think of the story that would make for the local newspaper!

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