5th Dec

By now, you have probably heard the phrase “FP family” on numerous occasions. You may have heard “welcome to the FP family” from recruiting or “we are so happy to have you as a part of our FP family” from your managers and peers. Behind most great company tag lines or catch phrases is a talented marketing agency who came up with it. These firms coin catchy phrases to elicit a certain message or company culture, but that is not the case at FP.

Dan founded the company in 1995 and I came to work for FP in 1996. From the beginning, I felt I had found a company that had my best interest at heart. Dan truly wanted to operate a family owned business where the needs of the employees came first and foremost. As the company grew from 80 employees at my hire date, to over 2,000 now, he has fostered this sense of family deep in the hearts of our Corporate team members. This is why we have so many Executives who have remained loyal to FP for over five years, even as long as seventeen years! They, in turn, have fostered the family message in all of your hearts as well.

At FP, we didn’t pay a marketing firm to come up with the term “FP family.” I have watched this phrase evolve over the years and have heard RVP’s, RM’s, CM’s and entire departments, say this time and time again. I believe the first person to officially coin the phrase was Senior RVP, Steve Bauer, so I’ll give credit where credit is due! But the message of family, by taking RESPONSIBLITY for one another and COMMITMENT, being committed to FP and our resident’s, has resonated throughout our company for many years. It is heart warming to hear so many employees say that they have found their company family and home. I want to say a special thank you to all of you for being a special part of our FP family!

Angel Knorr

VP of Recruiting

CJF Chair

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