Functional Pathways will be hosting Functional Limitation Reporting Webinars for all of our partners beginning this week.  The invitations have been sent out to all Administrators for all nine currently scheduled webinars.  Administrators can foward the invitation to the Business Office Managers or to those who they feel should attend in your facility.

The target audience for the Functional Limitation Reporting webinars are Business Office Managers or those in the facility who manage the therapy billing every month.  Adminstrators are welcome to attend as well.

There is a new requirement for therapy claim processing!   

Section 3005(g) of the Middle Class Tax Relief and Jobs Creation Act of 2012 amended section 1833 (g) of the Social Security Act to require a claims-based data collection system for outpatient therapy services, including PT, OT, and ST.

This data system will collect data on patient/resident function during the entire episode of therapy care in order to better understand the patient’s/resident’s conditions, outcomes, and expenditures.  This data will be used in developing an improved payment system.

This did go into effect January 1st of this year however CMS has given a testing period through June 30th.  That means that therapy services provided July 1, 2013 moving forward are required to contain the Functional Limitation G-Codes and Severity Modifiers on the claimIf the G-Codes and Severity Modifiers are not on the July 2013 claims and beyond, the claim will be rejected and returned to the provider as a provider financial liability.

Our therapists have been trained and are already starting to record the G-Codes and Modifers.  We will begin rolling out webinars starting this week for our customers in order to provide our customers with ample time to contact their software vendor to ensure their software is ready to accept the G-Codes and Modifiers.  The information contained in the webinars will be important for therapy billers in each facility.

We have scheduled nine different dates and times in order to accomodate everyone’s schedule.  The information provided will be the same for each webinar.

The dates and times for the webinars are listed below.

Thursday, February 21– 12-12:30pm

Friday, March 1st — 12-12:30pm

Friday, March 8th—12-12:30pm

Monday, March 11th—12:30-1pm

Wednesday, March 13th—12:30-1pm

Tuesday, March 19th—1-1:30pm

Wednesday, March 20th—12-12:30pm

Wednesday, March 27th—1-1:30pm

Thursday, March 28th—12-12:30pm

If you are a Functional Pathways partner and did not receive the email invitations, but would like to attend one of these webinars, please email or contact your Regional Manager for the invitation.

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