Are you surviving the manual medical review process?  Are you preparing for your phase-in date by working on the process in your facility?

I just had a challenging last two weeks rolling out trainings company-wide discussing all of the MAC/FI processes.  I survived and you survived and we survived together!

I want to thank all of you who attended the webinars last week and this week.  I have to say that I work with the best team in the land!!  All of the hard work from our Clinical Managers, Program Managers, Regional Managers, and RVPs is profound!  They have been doing an awesome job communicating the changes in the field as well as identifying phase information and attending the webinars.  I am blessed and honored to work with such wonderful people.

Continue to keep the questions coming.  There is never a stupid question!  The only way to be successful with the manual medical review process is to communicate daily with the business office and track requests.

I do want to report this week that Rehab Optima will be upgrading their software in the evening Tuesday, September 25th. These upgrades will improve effective tracking and monitoring of the pre-approval requests for our Clinical Managers and Program Managers.  There will be a webinar on Monday reviewing all of the changes.  I will be sure to push that out to the field.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!




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