Phase information is now available!!

CMS has developed a tool which will allow providers to search by their NPI (National Provider Number) to determinae their phase.

Providers can now identify which Phase they are in for rollout of the manual medical review process for the therapy claims above $3700 threshold.

This information is now posted and here  is the link that is on CMS’ website that shows which phase providers are in.

Phase 1- begins October 1, 2012

Phase 2- begins November 1, 2012

Phase 3- begins December 1, 2012

If your provider number is not listed in Phase 1 or Phase 2, then you are in Phase 3.

If you are a Functional Pathways partner, this information has been provided to your Clinical Manager/Program Manager in an excel format for your immediate review.

For more detailed information regarding this topic, please see my blog posted August 10, 2012 titled: ALERT   UPDATE! MEDICARE PART B: MANUAL REVIEW PROCESS


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