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10th Apr

Seeing Wholeness Over Weakness

Do you remember when your light bulb starting to shine…the moment your life’s direction was aligned with the field of occupational therapy? For many clinicians, their career choice was based on a specific event, individual or experience which opened their

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2nd Apr

Occupational Therapy Month: Celebrating 101 Years

During the month of April, Occupational Therapy Month recognizes all the benefits this specialized healthcare provides. This year is all about Empowering Independence. As an occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant, you are part of a vitally important profession that helps

1st Apr

LC-Do or LC-Don’t…

Do you LCD? Lie Comfortably Down? Lift Crusty Dumpsters? Learn Creative Dancing? Limited Carb Diet? If you do any or all of these things, good for you, but that’s not what we mean in this instance. LCD=Local Coverage Determination A

Therapist with patient
26th Feb

What is the Patients Over Paperwork Program?

Several of our clinical teams recently experienced something new…CMS representatives arrived at their facility to assess compliance with a new initiative Patients Over Paperwork. In preparation for this process, review the following information, taken directly from   What is

13th Feb

Medicare Part B Therapy Caps Repealed!

February 9, 2018 was a historical day: for over twenty years, providers have been advocating for Medicare Part B beneficiaries to receive medically necessary therapy services that exceed a capped amount! Our voices were heard, and the President signed the

happy patients with therapist
7th Feb

A Quick Guide to Utilizing Diversity and Sensitivity

Working in the long term care industry, we need to be aware of our communication styles and how we are perceived by the patients we serve. The Look Closer, See Me Generational Diversity and Sensitivity training program ( from the

24th Jan

Pathways to Fall Prevention

Pathways to Fall Prevention is Functional Pathways’ program that partners with interdisciplinary team members in nursing facilities to provide individualized, person-centered care, and improve fall care processes and outcomes. Many facilities have fall programs in place and while not all

Walking In The Park
24th Jan

Patient Safety: Always in the Forefront

Post Acute Care is obliged to deliver care that provides better outcomes, in a shorter period of time, all the while ensuring that patient safety is in the forefront. We are responsible for increasing efficiencies without sacrificing safety. There are