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7th Apr


As graduation time arrives, many parents may soon be facing a child going off to college, or out on his/her own.  This period of time is often referred to as “Empty Nest Syndrome.” When your children leave your home, you

Freedom concept. Escaping from the cage
7th Apr

AUDIT SUCCESS: Free Your Claims from Denial

“Freedom is an internal achievement rather than an external adjustment.”  ~ Adam Clayton Powell Our current environment exhibits an increase in government audits. There is also the profound burden of the ever changing rules and regulations from CMS.  Insurance companies

Lose Weight
19th Mar


How is your New Year’s resolution going? Statistically, around 48% of people make a resolution to lose weight or begin exercising at the beginning of the year, but more than half have broken their resolution by March; most get discouraged

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17th Mar

Digging Deep……………

When I think about quality therapy services, my thoughts often go to the many wonderful Functional Pathways facility teams I have had the privilege of visiting in my role as Quality Liaison. I think about what it is our teams

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17th Mar

Why Make Innovation a Priority?

Innovation: a new idea, device, or method; the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods. (Merriam-Webster) While innovation in healthcare is often associated with a new high tech device or computer software technology, innovation also encompasses the

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9th Mar


Every morning when I walk into my office, the first thing I do is say The Carmelina Pledge for Long Term Care.  I say it because I have a passion for the elderly. It’s that simple. There are times though

Elderly Woman In Wheelchair
2nd Mar

Your Care Means More Than You Know

My blogs are always about how to better market your community in order to build your census. While that will continue to be my subject matter, today, I would like to stray off course. This will be more of a

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10th Feb


Since 2006, we have been sitting on pins and needles at the end of each year wondering if there will be another extension of the Medicare Part B exceptions process.  Did you notice that in December of 2014, it was

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10th Feb


All four current RAs received approval on January 16, 2015, to begin issuing ADRs to providers for manual medical review of 2014 therapy claims on a post payment basis. The CMS procedures apply to claims made by outpatient therapy facilities,

Swelling (edema) of the right leg and foot
10th Feb

Lymphedema Management

Not all swelling is lymphedema. Therefore, in clinical practice it is important to understand the difference between edema and lymphedema.   Edema is the abnormal pooling of fluid in the tissues or accumulation of excess interstitial fluids. It can be