20th Nov

2015 Client Education Summit Discussions

Functional Pathways was pleased to host thirty clients from across Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia on October 16th at the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce.  This group participated in Functional Pathways’ 2015 Client Education Summit, a daylong event designed to update leadership

Your Toy Rubber Ducks In A Row
9th Nov

Who has their Ducks in a Row?

Have you submitted your October claims to their MAC already?  Have you received any denials for medical necessity due to medical diagnoses?  Well if you haven’t, you just might. Hospitals reported in October, after submitting their claims to their MAC,

creative-problem-solving-technique-become-the-problem (2)
6th Nov

Stop the Madness!

Have you ever sat back and really looked at what is going on around you?  In this case, I am referring to the work setting and things like policies and procedures or processes that folks have been doing and when

View from behind of an adult son walking with his senior father
6th Nov


Like each year, time flies by! November is here, with only about 8 weeks left until Christmas, and what do we do until then? Unfortunately, I feel most people forget or often times pass up Thanksgiving without much reflection. Without

29th Oct

Change…is Inevitable

How we cope with change can provide a good picture about the confidence we have in ourselves and our ability to care for others. Functional Pathways employees are in a unique position to embrace change and make it a functional

Woman relaxing in armchair at home, reading book , holding coffe
20th Oct

Leisure Pursuit

True leisure can be refreshing, stimulating, and fulfilling; can decrease stress, increase feelings of well-being, add balance to life and improve health.   Characteristics of Leisure Activities: ·         Freedom of choice: The person freely chooses the activity ·         Sense of

14th Oct

Everything’s Big in Texas!

Have you heard that saying before, “Everything’s Big in Texas!”?  I had the privilege of attending the NASL/ACHA conference this week in San Antonio and boy, the saying is true! Even the shrimp are big!!  ICD-10 country wide is BIG

Apple Space Gray iPad Air 2 with iOS 8, designed by Apple Inc.
7th Oct

Mobile Apps for Health and Wellness Management

This list of apps can help you manage a mental health, medical or substance abuse condition from the convenience of your mobile device. Stress management and relaxation Mindfulness Coach: This app will help you practice mindfulness meditation. It was developed for people

2nd Oct

Exiting a Contract: Learning from our Mistakes

So, let’s just talk about it right here on the website.  We recently lost a client.  It was our fault.  I wish I could call it a comedy of errors, but there was nothing funny about it.  Our processes broke

Kaleb 1
2nd Oct

Driven by What You Believe, Not by What and How!

Everyone knows what they do and how they do it. But how many people know WHY they do it? I recently read an article from the Harvard Medical School asking the question, “What’s the one prescription that can lower your