Carer Pushing Senior Man In Wheelchair
15th Sep

QAPI and Therapy: Part 4

In continuing the discussion on the QAPI process and implementation, it is important to recognize the strengths of the IDT and additional certifications/areas of expertise of facility personnel. This “self-assessment” of the team can be beneficial in assigning roles and

Loving the Sunshine
15th Sep

Heart and Soul: Wellness for the Mind and Body

Do you want to maintain wellness to the best of your ability over your lifetime? Then you must consider every aspect of your health—body, mind and spirit—and make choices that increase your chances of wellness. The Body No one gets

Woman In A Wheelchair Using A Ramp
15th Sep


It is estimated that over 80% of nursing home residents in the United States spend time sitting in a wheelchair every day1. Wheelchair use has been associated with adverse outcomes and injuries, including, but not limited to: ·         Excess disability·        

11th Sep

How to Help Someone With OCD

by BlueHealth Solutions It’s easy to say that you’re there for a friend through challenges. But how do you help them with a challenge that you don’t understand? Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a much talked about, but often misunderstood

Laptop with medical diagnostic software and stethoscope
21st Aug

Acute Change of Condition

A sudden, clinically important deviation from a resident’s baseline in physical, cognitive, behavioral, or functional domains. Without appropriate evaluation and interventions, clinically important changes could cause further injury or complication. Recognition Identify those at risk Through knowledge of the resident’s

12th Aug

The Health Benefits of Laughter Against Stress

By BlueHealth Solutions It feels good to laugh. So good, in fact, the health benefits of laughter are always being explored. Whether it’s a humorous movie or situation that does it, feeling a certain kind of joy has a noticeable

7th Aug

ICD-10: MY STAFF IS TRAINED! … Aren’t They?

As of today, August 7, 2015 there are 54 days until ICD-10 is mandatory.  Did you train your staff?  If not, please don’t wait any longer!  The time is NOW!! ICD-10 is not an easy transition for health care providers,

Business Balance
7th Aug

Balancing Cost and Quality

On July 9th, CMS proposed The Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement payment model to hold hospitals accountable for the quality of care they deliver to Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries for hip and knee replacements from surgery through recovery. These bundled payments

Collage of Black Swallowtail metamorphosis from chrysalis to cat
5th Aug

Changing, in More Ways Than One

When people change, everything has the potential to change.  Would you agree?  This is Commandment #6 of the “Ten Commandments of Client Retention” and we’re talking about this a lot at Functional Pathways.  As we formalize our Client Partnership Strategy,