Healthcare cost concept: stethoscope and dollars background
27th Jan

And the Doc-Fix Debate Begins—Again!!

There’s only one outstanding issue left to resolve before Congress can pass a permanent “doc fix,”  how to cover the roughly $140 billion price tag.   Last year, Congress kicked the can down the road again and failed to permanently do

What Do I Deserve question in a thought cloud above a thinker wo
22nd Jan

A Sense of Entitlement

When did we become such an entitled society? That we are “owed” something for little or no effort? Years ago it was a given that we were expected to work hard for what we needed, wanted and dreamt for.  We

Puzzle Pieces: Mentoring.
22nd Jan


Mentoring is an excellent opportunity to build relationships and give back to your industry by helping a new employee successfully transition to a new role/company and further their career goals. Mentoring helps provide new employees with the information, support, and

TEAM acronym (together everyone achieves more), teamwork motivat
14th Jan


Relationships in healthcare are vital to the success of quality patient care.  Without strong working relationships, systems will break down and the ones who ultimately suffer are the resident.  MDS Coordinators are valuable to skilled nursing facilities and their input

A woman is smiling while being at the dentist
30th Dec

Go to Work With Someone Contagious?

Working in the healthcare industry, we are constantly hearing about multiple health issues we can catch from one another and tips to avoid being contagious. However, did you know that everyone has something that is always contagious? WHAT!?! Yes, smiling

Piano Keyboard And Sheetmusic
23rd Dec

The Sound of Music

What has keys, but cannot listen to the beauty it unlocks? A piano. Many facilities are privileged to have a piano, but most facilities do not utilize their existence.  I was blessed to play recently at one of our partner

23rd Dec


I promise this is not going to be a lecture, just call it something to consider; I will  keep it short and sweet! Every year at this time, I like many others, reflect on the year that is quickly coming to

22nd Dec

Bring in the New Year with a $50 Gift Card!

Need a New Year’s Resolution? How about setting aside some time for career development? To assist you, Functional Pathways is offering a new monthly contest for full and part time therapists with a chance to win a $50 gift card. Rules:

The light in young woman hands in cupped shape. Concepts of shar
22nd Dec

Caring for One Another………………

Did you ever stop to wonder why you chose the field you are in? Whether it is Occupational, Physical, or Speech Therapy, most of us chose our professions because we wanted to help others live better lives. I have found