29th Oct

Change…is Inevitable

How we cope with change can provide a good picture about the confidence we have in ourselves and our ability to care for others. Functional Pathways employees are in a unique position to embrace change and make it a functional

Carer Pushing Senior Man In Wheelchair
15th Sep

QAPI and Therapy: Part 4

In continuing the discussion on the QAPI process and implementation, it is important to recognize the strengths of the IDT and additional certifications/areas of expertise of facility personnel. This “self-assessment” of the team can be beneficial in assigning roles and

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5th Aug

Changing, in More Ways Than One

When people change, everything has the potential to change.  Would you agree?  This is Commandment #6 of the “Ten Commandments of Client Retention” and we’re talking about this a lot at Functional Pathways.  As we formalize our Client Partnership Strategy,

Nurses Helping Elderly
27th Jul

End of Life and Quality Therapy Services

Death and dying have always been a part of our lives as therapists in long term care. Coping with family members and administering care and treatment to our residents at the end of life can be personally challenging. Often when

right or wrong direction or difficult choice for answers on ques
26th Jun

Getting It Right When Things Go Wrong

In our April blog post, Client Partnership Strategy: Making Common Sense, Common Practice, we discussed the “Ten Commandments of Client Retention”.  Commandment #5 states that “client retention is not an event, it is a daily process”.  In other words, everything

Businessman Hiding Face Not My Fault
15th Jun

It’s not My Job!

How often do we hear these words in the course of our work day? Hopefully not so much if the focus is truly on quality of life, improved care outcomes and a team approach to providing daily support to residents

Carer Pushing Senior Man In Wheelchair
12th May

QAPI and Therapy: Part 2

QAPI combines both traditional measures for improvement: Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement.  CMS has developed a general framework for implementing this enhanced quality improvement program in long term care, referred to as “the five key elements.” Element 1: Design and

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22nd Apr

Our Strategy: Making Common Sense, Common Practice

Functional Pathways has a twenty year tradition of providing excellence in rehabilitation.  Our clinicians have worked with thousands of patients and their families in a professional and compassionate manner to address their needs and improve their wellbeing. As we move

Carer Pushing Senior Man In Wheelchair
13th Apr

QAPI and Therapy

Section 6102(c) of the Affordable Care Act requires that all nursing homes develop Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) programs. All nursing homes must have a QAPI program in place and implement an effective plan, according to CMS. QAPI challenges