14th Nov


What are you waiting for?  ICD-10 is coming……ICD-10 IS coming!! I know the holidays are quickly approaching but have you given any thought to implementation of ICD-10? If not, you may not be behind the 8-ball……..YET! ICD-10 goes into effect

It’s Time For Falling Leaves…..

If you live in my neck of the woods, you are most likely looking forward to gaining one additional hour of sleep this weekend!  That’s right, it’s time to “fall back” and set our clocks back one hour before we


Here in Ohio, it is that time again when we see a change in the weather, the leaves turning colors, and we begin preparing for the holidays….OH!!  Thanks for reminding me—I need to buy Halloween candy!! Not only will we

The Technology Age! Love It? Or Hate It?

My cousin was married a few weeks back and I am a people watcher.  So, as you can imagine as I am watching people, something jumps out at me.  While sitting at my assigned table at the reception, I had


The Medicare Part B therapy cap exceptions process will expire December 31, 2013.  IF CONGRESS DOESN’T ACT, PATIENTS WIL BE FACED WITH A HARD CAP FOR PART B THERAPY SERVICES IN 2014! Contact your members of Congress ASAP asking them to

April 10, 2014—-Save The Date!!

I bet you are wondering what April 10, 2014 is!  If you guessed that April 10, 2014 is my birthday, you are not correct.  Sorry, my zodiac sign is Leo, not Aries but thank you for thinking of me!! Actually, CMS

ICD-10: It’s Closer Than You Think!

If you are hoping there will be another delay, think again!  CMS has been clear:  there will not be any more delays!  The compliance date for implementation of ICD-10 is October 1, 2014. ICD-10 replaces ICD-9 diagnosis code set.  ICD-10

FY 2014: Co-Treatment Minutes

In the outpatient therapy world as well as the SNF therapy world, we have been used to change!  We don’t wonder when there will be changes, we wonder what the changes will be!  We are not in the land of Oz….we

Therapy Cap in 2012

CMS is targeting outpatient therapy providers that stopped therapy services just under the therapy cap.  More than 350 therapy providers will receive letters from CMS’ review contractor, Strategic Health Solutions to review claims from August 2012 through March 2013. Through CMS’

Explore The Next Generation Of Coding!

Are you sick and tired of me talking about changes that aren’t going to happen for a while?  If you recall, I was blogging about G-Codes and Severity Modifiers seven months before it was even mandatory.  But if you know