14th Oct

Everything’s Big in Texas!

Have you heard that saying before, “Everything’s Big in Texas!”?  I had the privilege of attending the NASL/ACHA conference this week in San Antonio and boy, the saying is true! Even the shrimp are big!!  ICD-10 country wide is BIG

Ballpoint Pen On Blank Paper
15th Sep

Power of the Pen

The more time goes on, the more scrutiny healthcare is under.  Documentation, billing, rules and regulations—when did healthcare divert the focus from patient care to regulatory obedience? In the area of therapy documentation, the pressure is on!  There is so

7th Aug

ICD-10: MY STAFF IS TRAINED! … Aren’t They?

As of today, August 7, 2015 there are 54 days until ICD-10 is mandatory.  Did you train your staff?  If not, please don’t wait any longer!  The time is NOW!! ICD-10 is not an easy transition for health care providers,

Are You Ready? card isolated on white background
7th Jul

ICD-10 Is Just Around the Corner!

We are now 86 days away from the implementation of ICD-10! Are you ready? If not, you do not have much time to waste. I do not think another pause is in our future, but you never know!! CMS and

Stealing Cookies
16th Jun

Too Many Hands in the Cookie Jar? We say no….

Therapy documentation compliance requires close attention by the skilled nursing facility.  Ensuring that your therapy documentation has met necessary regulatory guidelines is essential.  In most cases, it is the responsibility of the therapy contract provider to ensure regulations are met. 

Zipper Changing Seasons
14th May

Season of Change

May is a time for change….weather change that is!  Good-bye cold weather and hello warmth and sunshine!  What a wonderful time of the year! Just like the season changes, we find ourselves in a constant state of change in healthcare. 

Disabled Senior - Fun
15th Apr


Skilled Nursing Facilities strive for quality of care, quality of life, helping residents return to the community and providing compassion for those who peacefully transition from this life.  While our jobs can be hard, caregivers would agree that the real excitement is

bigstock-Keep-Calm-Poster-with-Crown-78241328 [Converted]-01
9th Mar


Every morning when I walk into my office, the first thing I do is say The Carmelina Pledge for Long Term Care.  I say it because I have a passion for the elderly. It’s that simple. There are times though

Statue of Justice with sword and scales in front of a blue cloud
10th Feb


Since 2006, we have been sitting on pins and needles at the end of each year wondering if there will be another extension of the Medicare Part B exceptions process.  Did you notice that in December of 2014, it was

TEAM acronym (together everyone achieves more), teamwork motivat
14th Jan


Relationships in healthcare are vital to the success of quality patient care.  Without strong working relationships, systems will break down and the ones who ultimately suffer are the resident.  MDS Coordinators are valuable to skilled nursing facilities and their input