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9th Sep

Saying Farewell to Select CPT Codes

CPT Codes Heaven-Bound? So long and farewell to PT and OT CPT codes 97001, 97002, 97003, and 97004! According to The Department of Health and Human Services’ proposed rule, Physical and Occupational Therapy Evaluation codes will be changing effective on

7th Sep

How Handoff Communication Impacts Patient Care

At every level of treatment, the resident’s length of stay is getting shorter and shorter. Post Acute Care facilities are starting to see sicker patients for shorter stays, and we are discharging sicker patients back home with home care to

Medical files
11th Jul

What the 2017 CDC Codes Mean for Therapy

On June 24, 2016, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released 2017’s ICD-10-CM codes. These 2017 ICD-10-CM codes are to be used for patient encounters and for discharges occurring from October 1, 2016 through September 30, 2017. What

28th Mar

The Huge Reason to Never Hug the RUG

Who doesn’t like a hug now and then? Giving and receiving a hug will decrease stress and show others that you care. But when you “hug a RUG”, that will have the opposite effect. You will increase stress and the

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25th Feb

The Power of Communication

Effective communication is a challenge that affects all areas of health care. Often times the lack of communication alone will precipitate a resident harm event. How do you ensure that all the care providers have the necessary information to work

24th Feb

Check it Triple Twice!

What kind of title is that? Does it make sense? If you are a facility who embraces the Triple Check process, then the title will make sense to you and maybe even give you a little chuckle! A Triple Check meeting

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22nd Feb

Workplace Violence in the News

Violent actions in the workplace are ever present in the news these days. It’s becoming more and more common to hear of violent actions performed against healthcare workers in all the various healthcare environments. And due to the nature of

15th Jan

Our PHI is NOT Under Lock and Key!

HHS Office for Civil Rights has recently released a fact sheet which is first in a series of FAQs to clarify further an individual’s core right under HIPAA to access and obtain a copy of their health information. The Office

14th Dec

Documentation is Key!

In the OIG, Office of Inspector General’s semiannual report to congress, the OIG reported that “the Medicare Payment System for Skilled Nursing Facilities needs to be reevaluated”.  The OIG reports that “Medicare payments for therapy greatly exceeded SNFs’ costs for

Your Toy Rubber Ducks In A Row
9th Nov

Who has their Ducks in a Row?

Have you submitted your October claims to their MAC already?  Have you received any denials for medical necessity due to medical diagnoses?  Well if you haven’t, you just might. Hospitals reported in October, after submitting their claims to their MAC,