Walking In The Park
2nd Dec

Safe Transition Planning

Discharge from a SNF to the community requires the successful transfer of information from care providers to the patient and family to ensure optimal outcomes, reduce adverse events, and prevent unnecessary hospital readmissions. Preparing the patient and family to be

Woman relaxing in armchair at home, reading book , holding coffe
20th Oct

Leisure Pursuit

True leisure can be refreshing, stimulating, and fulfilling; can decrease stress, increase feelings of well-being, add balance to life and improve health.   Characteristics of Leisure Activities: ·         Freedom of choice: The person freely chooses the activity ·         Sense of

Woman In A Wheelchair Using A Ramp
15th Sep


It is estimated that over 80% of nursing home residents in the United States spend time sitting in a wheelchair every day1. Wheelchair use has been associated with adverse outcomes and injuries, including, but not limited to: ·         Excess disability·        

Laptop with medical diagnostic software and stethoscope
21st Aug

Acute Change of Condition

A sudden, clinically important deviation from a resident’s baseline in physical, cognitive, behavioral, or functional domains. Without appropriate evaluation and interventions, clinically important changes could cause further injury or complication. Recognition Identify those at risk Through knowledge of the resident’s

Painful Joints
13th Jul

Pain Assessment

Pain – “An unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage”- (International Association for the Study of Pain) What is pain? A message to the brain, pain is a

Intelligence Therapy
12th Jun

Dementia Staging

Can help you… gather facts – it is hard to know what you are working with or if you’re improving if you’re not measuring create structure for making decisions – clear criteria to evaluate merits of each option and use

20th May

Geriatric Strength Training

Goals Maximize efficiency & safety of functional movement Functional activity (ADLs, gait, transfers) improves ONLY when the underlying impairment is addressed Be specific with underlying impairments for each task Function not form: task analysis vs. rep/set & weight selection Plan

Man Listening to Music
22nd Apr

Music Therapy

Benefits of incorporating music into treatment: Stimulate seemingly lost memories May help restore some cognitive function Stimulates dormant areas of the brain Why music works: It is a core brain function – early in development the brain is primed to

Businessman with illuminated light bulb concept for idea, innova
17th Mar

Why Make Innovation a Priority?

Innovation: a new idea, device, or method; the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods. (Merriam-Webster) While innovation in healthcare is often associated with a new high tech device or computer software technology, innovation also encompasses the

Swelling (edema) of the right leg and foot
10th Feb

Lymphedema Management

Not all swelling is lymphedema. Therefore, in clinical practice it is important to understand the difference between edema and lymphedema.   Edema is the abnormal pooling of fluid in the tissues or accumulation of excess interstitial fluids. It can be