5th Feb

My Commit2fit Journey

As we welcome a new year, I encourage you to slow down, take a step back, and focus on what truly matters. Are you building a legacy? Are you living the way you feel you should? Do you have goals

Happy senior citizen giving a freesia flower to smiling woman
4th Feb

Elite Living™ and Therapy Co-Exist in Long Term Care

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over the past decade, the death rate from falls has increased 63% for men and 83% for women.  While rehabilitation and wellness services have always coincided with long-term care, Functional Pathways

Piano Keyboard And Sheetmusic
23rd Dec

The Sound of Music

What has keys, but cannot listen to the beauty it unlocks? A piano. Many facilities are privileged to have a piano, but most facilities do not utilize their existence.  I was blessed to play recently at one of our partner

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1st Dec

Beat the Winter Blues

The weather outside is frightful, and the fire is so delightful. The days are shorter. The wind is colder. I’ve got the winter blues. Would you believe that brain chemicals could be the cause of the winter blues? If you

23rd Oct

The Gratitude Graffiti Project

The Gratitude Graffiti Project is based on the concept that one of the most important steps to your own well-being and happiness is to assume a daily practice of gratitude. Have you stopped today and thought, “What am I thankful

Autumn. Fall scene. Beautiful Autumnal park. Beauty nature scene
30th Sep

FALL Back into Good Habits

It is that time of year again when time flies. Football is in full swing, children activities are keeping you busy, and the weather is beautiful. Drive thru, take out, tailgating, and don’t forget the holidays are on the way. I encourage

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3rd Sep

Why I Do What I Do

Life throws us many curve balls including, loss of a loved one, disappointments, accidents, tragedies, and simple every day challenges. You have two choices. Do you get busy living or get busy dying? At the age of 14, I knew

Results Effort Graph
22nd Jul

Perfect Effort

After 15 years of competitive team sports and the drive to continue to pursue the competitive edge that would not seem to diminish, I decided to choose a hobby that no longer required so many people’s participation to have a

KARM Dragon Boat Festival
26th Jun

KARM Dragon Boat Festival ’14

On Saturday June 21st, 2014, Functional Pathways sponsored a team for the KARM Dragon Boat Race. We had 21 volunteers from surrounding facilities and the corporate office commit to rowing a Dragon Boat 250 meters as fast as they could.

Meditation - Chakras
22nd May

Listen to Your Body

But what does this really mean? How do we listen? Am I hungry? Or am I just bored? Paying attention to what our body is telling us takes practice and patience. We must understand that it is impossible to eat