22nd Sep

Accountability is not only holding staff responsible for following the established policies and protocols in your organization, it can also stretch into responsibility to speak out when processes are no longer efficient.

Successful organizations hold their employees accountable for established performance standards. Managers who fail to hold staff members accountable for their performance and behaviors will lose respect from their team. It is important to hold everyone accountable for their part in a fair and consistent manner ensuring staff members are held to the same standards.

Engaged employees strive for improvement. Examine what is going well in your organization. Take the time to ask your employees and get their input. Review how those processes are designed and apply to inefficiencies. Time management tools are a great system to review. Do you have efficiencies built in which allow your staff to easily see success? Accountable organizations will routinely seek input from frontline staff thereby ensuring that their ideas are valued, which results in supporting employee engagement. Engaged employees expect efficiencies in the workplace, they want to ensure the systems are designed to make good use of their time.

Accountability is not about punishment for stepping out of comfort zones. When your focus is on punishment you have created an environment of fear in your organization. You should not squelch creativity and innovation. Engaged employees thrive in an environment where there is a trusting relationship which allows staff to express their ideas, speak out, try something new. Punishment will lead to other employees failing to step forward and take initiatives to find alternative solutions in your organization, potentially, failure to grow.

Managers in turn should be accountable to their staff to provide feedback. It’s necessary to ensure that employees who are actively engaged in your business goals get noticed and are shown appreciation. It’s equally important that any actions taken at the suggestion of an employee input is recognized.

If your organization has a culture of accountability all employees will demonstrate this by following through with assignments. Accountable organizations foster engaged employees. Engaged employees in turn give their best back to the organization because they feel valued. It’s a win win situation.

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