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11th Nov

I’ve always heard that the one thing you can count on in healthcare is Change.

I’ve come to believe that there couldn’t be a truer statement made. I am just getting back from the annual NASL meeting and I learned a new term there. Although I am very familiar with the concept, I was not familiar with this new term, SNFist. A new genre of primary care specialists known as SNFist or Post-Hospitalist was discussed. With so much focus on preventing hospital readmissions, what a great expansion of specialized care to roll out for post-acute care.

Continuity of care is maximized when you turn all care over to one practitioner or practitioner partnership. Resident oversight by one provider is a clear benefit, ensuring that past medical history and specific health concerns of residents are not overlooked by rotating providers. By avoiding the wait time that is often necessary to make an appointment, having a SNFist program will typically allow quicker access to physicians. What better way to model a patient centered plan of care? As an added benefit, the SNFist should be familiar with the specific resources available in the facility thereby preventing inappropriate admissions.

Importantly, because the SNFist will be available to see the residents on a routine basis they are more likely to catch a change in condition quickly. They’ll have the ability to begin treatment and prevent a trip to the ER or hospital readmission. A well planned SNFist program is a positive step to help ensure residents are cared for across the continuum and transition into a skilled facility is seamless. Embrace this change, and another positive step towards safer transitions of care.


– Lisa Chadwick, RN, MS

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