Carer Pushing Senior Man In Wheelchair
15th Sep

In continuing the discussion on the QAPI process and implementation, it is important to recognize the strengths of the IDT and additional certifications/areas of expertise of facility personnel. This “self-assessment” of the team can be beneficial in assigning roles and leadership of various key committees. Identifying strengths and opportunities for growth is a key component to the QAPI process.

Review the data for your facility on nursing home compare and recognize the Quality Measures that indicate improvement is needed. This is a great place to start focusing quality improvement on since it can have a direct impact on the facility’s star rating. It is also where community consumers often go to seek data regarding the value and benefit in the selection of a long term care center.

Once the quality improvement needs are identified and prioritized, assign team leaders and committee members for the improvement process. Be sure to invite feedback from all caregivers, including family members. The committee will develop the improvement plan and monitor for effectiveness on a regular basis until outlined goals are met.

Cherie Rowell

Corporate Quality Liaison


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