Intelligence Therapy
12th Jun

Can help you…

  • gather facts – it is hard to know what you are working with or if you’re improving if you’re not measuring
  • create structure for making decisions – clear criteria to evaluate merits of each option and use them consistently
  • be mindful of subtle cues – small changes can have big effects
  • foster awareness – help yourself and colleagues focus on patient-centered care
  • determine baseline & detect changes
  • understand realistic choices
  • learn remaining abilities and strengths
  • establish realistic goals that match abilities
  • determine level of external aides and training that will be required to maximize success
  • educate on strategies to maximize function & promote effective communication


Role of Therapy

ST: Assess cognitive-communication deficits related to dementia

PT/OT: Assess cognitive abilities as it relates to the activity context that produces observable performance (ADLs, functional mobility)

Sample Staging Tools (refer to FP Assessment Toolbox for more info)

Allen Cognitive Level Screen

  • Leather and lacing (ACLS) or Allen Diagnostic Module can be used to obtain information on global cognitive processing capacities, learning potential, and can detect unrecognized or suspected problems related to functional cognition. Allen levels define what a person pays attention to, their motor response, and verbal performance.

Brief Cognitive Rating Scale (BCRS)

  • Based on reviewer’s observation and interaction with patient; measures 5 domains: concentration, recent memory, past memory, orientation, and functioning & self-care.

Global Deterioration Scale

  • Provides an overview of the stages of cognitive function for those suffering from a primary degenerative dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease. Has 7 stages ranging from no cognitive decline (stage 1) to very severe (stage 7).

Saint Louis University Mental Status Exam (SLUMS)

  • 11 question test that assesses orientation, memory, attention, and executive function.

Melissa Ward

Director of Clinical Services

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