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27th Oct

In last month’s blog, I shared with you a story from a personal experience by one of our office employees regarding “Making a Difference.”  This prompted me to ask other employees to send me personal experiences or motivational quotes, that make a difference. Here is a story that I received from a FP employee who would like to remain anonymous:

When you make several trips to the same location, you often develop patterns. I like a specific Wawa store and when I am there, I get the snack tray with cheese, grapes and crackers. On a day not so long ago, my faithful Wawa, had a tragedy. The cooler was broken so no cheese and no grapes, however, I was still hungry. It was about 2pm and I had not eaten lunch and I was eager to get on the road toward home.  I decided to venture a little further down the highway to the next exit with a Wawa. Soon after exiting though, I thought perhaps I needed something more substantial, so I diverted to a fast food drive thru. As luck would have it their credit card machine was down. I was getting very frustrated at this point!

So, on I went to find the Wawa which had lured me off the highway to begin with. And finally, finally… about 2 miles off the highway I located it. I went in to get my favorite lunch snack. As I am standing in line to check out, there was a young woman in front of me who had her debit card declined, twice. She sighed and turned to her little girl and told her that she couldn’t have the chocolate milk she was clutching tightly because “Mommy is out of money.” Instantly, I knew in my heart, all my inconvenience had been on purpose. On this day, I NEEDED to go 12 miles out of my way, so that I could be in line behind that mommy and her little girl. So, with a glad heart, I told the cashier I would be paying for the ladies items. I went the rest of the way home with a greater joy than if I had simply gotten the grapes at my usual spot.

“When I stand before my God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say I used everything you gave me.”


Erma Bombeck

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