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17th Jul

I am sure you have probably heard of the inspiring life story of Susan Boyle. A 47-year old, unemployed woman who had never been married, or even kissed! From Scotland, Susan elicited lots of praise and compliments not just from three reality-show judges, but also from millions of people across the world.


Her inspiring story spread rapidly and inspired others to reach for their dreams. The Britain’s Got Talent contestant delivered a strong performance backed with an appropriate and inspirational song, “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables. What is most liked about this story is the fact that it’s as if she’s the epitome believing in your dreams,and not allowing factors like age or inexperience prevent you from pursuing your dreams.

What makes this inspiring story so appealing to the masses, is the fact that we have a not-so-young dreamer, dreaming to be a professional singer. In general, dreaming is associated for the young and their promising future.

Not only is she a living example, but also a living inspiration as well! Why this allure about second chances and underdogs? It goes to show that all of us, at some moment in our lives, can relate to being an underdog. We want to be inspired and strengthened after failure, rejection, and frustration. An inspiring story like Susan Boyle’s, is just one strong validation that we feel justified that we can be like her. She’s a real person, not a fictitious character, and she’s like one of us, living an ordinary life pursuing a dream.

So, who can resist this inspiring story? As we live our day-to-day struggles in our life, we need bits of inspiration to make us smile, enlightened, hopeful and optimistic for our future. And we don’t need pretty faces, toned muscles, or almost-perfect hair on our TV screens to make us inspired. It’s those flawed, ordinary-looking individuals whom we relate to. Susan Boyle said, “I’m gonna wow the audience.” And that she did.Everyone has an inspiring story—what is yours?




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