9th Jan

Did you know that 45% of Americans typically make resolutions for the New Year? However, only 8% of those people are successful in achieving their resolution. Yikes! Why is that? When resolving to make improvements in your life, you have to first motivate yourself, then follow through, ignore small failures, and finally hold yourself accountable. We all have good intentions to self-improve, but these resolutions typically fall to the wayside due to many other former commitments and responsibilities. Since we all need a little push to get motivated, we thought a $100 Target gift card might do the trick!!

At Functional Pathways, we stand behind our company Values and expect all of our employees to embody those values each and every day. As a part of our commitment to Self-Improvement, we offer our online university,, as a convenient e-learning library of content comprised of Video, Text, Live, Virtual and Webinar courses. From now through March 31, we are running a challenge to all full-time employees, and part-time employees who have purchased access to FPU. The two courses below are certified for all disciplines and are excellent resources for our industry. For those of you who complete BOTH courses before April 1, 2014, you will be entered into a drawing for a $100 Target card. We can track all of you who complete the courses from our end and will add your name to the drawing as you complete both courses. Happy Learning!!


“Audit Proof your Skilled Documentation” – 4hrs

“Documenting Medical Necessity in Today’s Environment” – 2hrs (not approved in OH)

“Marketing for Health Care Professionals”—2hrs (can be substituted for Documenting Medical Necessity)


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