8th Jan

2013 was such an eventful year for the Cookie Jar Fund.  We kicked off quite a few firsts, we chose core values, we accepted new committee members and last but not least we found new ways to involve employees at our facilities in our fundraising.  As we push forward into the New Year we would like to whole heartily thank our committee members for their involvement and nurturing as they watch and help the Cookie Jar Fund, and its impact, grow.  Please join us in welcoming them into their seats for 2014.  Our committee members are as follows; Angel Knorr as Founder/Committee Chair, Marcus Miller holding the Contributions Chair, Ray Rossini holding the Contributions Co-Chair, Kelli Douglas holding the Special Events Chair, Jennifer Anderson holding the Distribution Chair, Sheila Capitosti holding the Distribution Co-Chair, and April Williams holding the Media Chair.  We are very proud of the participation and commitment our committee members have shown this year.  With each step they are ensuring that the Cookie Jar Fund reaches each goal and sets new standards for the future. The Cookie Jar Fund welcomes the year 2014!

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