26th Dec

With all of the change in healthcare coming out of Washington these days, your life is in a constant state of flux. If you are like me, you sometimes wonder, “just what the heck are those people thinking?”  With some of the decisions that have come down, that is a valid question.

Instead of just wondering about it why don’t you do something about it. Invite your Senator or Congressman to your facility for lunch and a conversation. They come back to their districts every so often to “reconnect” with their constituency and they love to publicize that they are.

Check with your residents and staff and find out if any of them have a connection to your representatives. Start a letter-writing, or better yet, an email campaign, with the residents asking the legislator to stop by.

Once you have them there, you have the opportunity to ask them questions about issues that are important to your business. I think you will find that they will not be as informed as they could be. This is your opportunity to help shape the direction of future legislation. Let them see the actual impact of the decisions they make. Remember the people make decisions on a lot of issues, they can’t know everything about everything. If presented in a proper and respectful manner, I think you will find that it will be well received and appreciated.

Maybe you won’t be able to shape future bills or change someone’s mind but in the very least you will get your facility in the news. Who knows, maybe that Senator or Congressman will call and ask your opinion the next time a healthcare bill comes up for a vote.

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